Have you ever noticed that some periods of your life everything seems to go right?

And other moments everything that can possibly go wrong goes wrong?

That is life’s momentum.

Either spiralling up or down.

When I look at my personal life, when I’m healthy, full of energy, my business goes well too.  If my business goes well, I got money to invest and as a result, my passive income grows.

As my income grows I have money to invest in supplements or health treatments to further improve my health. Or do fun stuff with the people I love.  Which improves my relationships.

Then suddenly an event happens and that positive momentum is reversed.  You are starting to lose money, you get stressed, you neglect your health, are not the best version of yourself to the people close to you.

It happens to the best of us.

Nobody is free of something happening to wack us of our positive momentum.

However, there are some coping mechanisms I learned that can even out those peaks and sudden drops in positive momentum.

 Enter Stoïcism

Stoïcism is an ancient Greek philosophy that learns how to cope with life’s challenges.

Wikipedia ” the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint.”

I’m not going into the dept of all the teachings of stoïcism.  There is plenty you can find online.

Why I think Stoïcism and keeping momentum in your life is so important.

When you can give a negative event in your life a place without an overly emotional reaction, the impact will be contained.


Being grateful

The Stoïcs learn to live “without” complaint.  Well, then the next step is being grateful for what you do have.

I know it’s not easy sometimes.

But neuroscience has proven that the simple act of gratefulness alters the state of the brain.

There is always somebody worse of then you at this moment.  But most people only look at their own situation.

I noticed that if I’m grateful for the things I do have and put my focus on them, the other parts of my life fall into place again


The essence: Health

When I’m doing my gratefulness practice, one of the things I’m most grateful for is my health.

I know as long as I’m healthy, have energy, have the brainpower to come up with great ideas I will be fine.

Even when things get tough, I’m even more strict in my diet, exercise routine and sleep cycle.

Be around positive people

Positive people in person, great.

But that is not always possible.

Watch motivational Youtube videos, listen to podcasts, read inspiring books and biographies.


Getting that 1% better every day

Some things seem unachievable until its done.  (Yes it’s a cliché quote, but hey, clichés often have a lot of truth to them)

That little action every single day snowballs into something big.

Keep on doing something, anything to get you moving in that positive direction.

That is how you get that positive momentum back into your life.