Realty Income Corp.

Realty income corp is one of the highest quality REITS out there.  The recent interest increase made the stock drop significantly and makes it a buying opportunity.

 Senior Housing Properties

All REITS have dropped some value due to interest increase.  That doesn’t take away the problem of an ageing population.  I still like this theme as it is a stable dividend paying, recession-proof industry with growth.

Geo Group

The Geo Group is an internationally operating prison facility company. This is a recession stable industry with a solid >9% dividend payout.  Recently suffered a big drop in price.  A great opportunity.

Cisco Systems

Cisco is a dividend Growth stock.  I’m a firm believer in the growth of the industry they are in. As an expert in Network solutions, Cisco has a bright future with the rise of internet of things.

Stag Industrial

As mentioned above, a lot of REITS suffered a big hit recently.  That is why I think they are a buy at the moment.  Stag industrial REIT invests in industrial real estate and has a great track record.