This week I was in a dip. Momentum in my life was gone due to some events that all came at me at the same time.

Pure overwhelm.

The cool thing about having a blog about momentum is that I can revisit the advice I wrote down.  Shows the power of writing and journaling.

So I was stuck and read my own article about how to keep positive momentum in your life.

One of the bullet points is being around positive people.  Not only physical but can also be digital.  Like podcasts or motivational youtube videos.

Who’s more positive than the guru of gurus Mister Tony Robbins. So I watched a video about him.

Sometimes you listen to these videos and nothing really speaks to you.  But when you are stuck AND you get lucky to get the right video it can… unstuck you… unstick you… whatever. You get the point.

So the motivational video was about Rituals

The power of daily Rituals

When I look at the areas of my life where things are going great I must admit that it is due to the implementation of Rituals.

I’m very grateful that my health is going great.  Besides some stress that could be eliminated, I’m doing pretty well physically.

It’s a simple implementation of morning yoga, intermittent fasting, shopping for lots of veggies and working out 4 times a week.

Repeated day after day, week after week all year long.

Rituals for business

When I look back in my life when I was doing great in sales. I just had a simple ritual to cold call 5 new clients and follow up on 5 leads.  No matter how many meetings or other things got in the way that day.  It was simple and effective.

It gave momentum to the business.  There I am again with my momentum thing lol 😉

Think about the rituals you can do to improve your business on a daily basis.

Sales are an important thing for most businesses, but maybe motivating your employees on a daily basis is another thing.

Maybe calling up one client a day to ask if they are happy with your services may be another.

It’s something you have to think about which rituals you can apply to your business.

Rituals for relationships

Relationships need to be nurtured whether it’s business relationships, friendships or romantic relationships.

Consciously applying rituals to improve relationships pays in the long term.

Things like coming home and giving your spouse a kiss and an intense hug. Rather than ignoring each other and doing your own thing well… Not hard to guess who will have a better relationship.

Of course, it’s more than that.

Unfortunately, I know first hand that things like ambition and stress can come in the way of relationships. I’m persuaded that consciously building in rituals to nurture relationships can dramatically impact your life.

Forming Ritual habits.

To form a habit, studies have shown, you need to do it at least 30 days to 6 weeks.

So if you decide on implementing a new ritual in your life. Do it for at least a month. See the impact and momentum it creates.

Keep you posted!

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